A sudden fall or rise in the temperatures of your facility creates an adverse effect on the products by reducing their shelf life; on machines by increasing their power consumption; and on the people by reducing their work efficiency. Insulation provides a 360° barricade by reducing the heat transfer to and fro from your facility, thereby maintaining a most conducive atmosphere around you.

HIPPOInsulation™ has been derived from the technology which is from the Middle East where temperatures are much higher than the Indian Subcontinent. This breakthrough technology has revolutionised the Insulation system by offering a full proof, strong yet economical insulating solution – DuraShield and InsuShield, with its patented technology of HIPPO laminations.

Product Applications

Roofing for Industries, Plants, Warehouses | Wall & Ceiling Insulation | Containers Insulation | HVAC - Duct Insulation | Cars Insulation | Mobile Houses | Packaging


  • Lowers electricity consumption

  • Improves manpower efficiency

  • Improves machine life

  • Prevents condensation

  • Fire resistant

  • Ambient temperature as desired

  • Increases shelf life of the product

  • Protect your key resources


  • Durable
  • Easy to Install


Sr. No *HIPPO Insulation Type Insulator Thickness (mm) Approx. (gsm)
1 DuraShield Ultra RB-MM Fibre 20 700
2 DuraShield Premium RB-MM Fibre 25 750
3 InsuShield MAX FR-AirPad30 10 350
4 InsuShield MAX+ FR-AirPad30 20 500
5 InsuShield PRO FR-AirPad20 6 300
5 InsuShield PRO+ FR-AirPad20 12 450
6 InsuShield CLASSIC FR-AirPad10 4 250
7 InsuShield CLASSIC+ FR-AirPad10 8 330
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